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The new AVATAR 10.5mm Hi-g lens is designed specifically for cameras with large digital image sensors, It features heavy duty mechanical design and construction for very Hi-g applications such as; crash testing, impact sled, airborne and related testing environments.

An Avatar lens was recently tested on a Hi-g automotive sled in x, y and z axes in forward and reverse orientations. It was subjected to twelve separate test cycles at l00g's peak shock loads and average sustained loads of 70g's, A detailed post test lens inspection revealed no failure or discernable external or internal damage.  

Avatar optics feature high-efficiency multi-layer coatings with digital resolution that exceeds 6-million pixels, In addition, both focus and aperture rings feature 360 clamps locks.


A custom designed stainless-steel lens mount is provided for each camera. It replaces the standard lens plate supplied by the camera manufacturer, The Avatar lens is now attached to this new mount, which also incorporates a built in C-Mount. In addition, an optional heavy duty F-Mount Is available with positive lock that eliminates the traditional Nikon lens loose bayonet fit.

An accessory Micrometer Diascope instrument can be used to measures the exact back-focus dimension of each camera. This calibration determines the necessary spacer shims to install between the steel mount and the camera housing. Thereafter, Infinity focus is achieved. Refer to the Micrometer Diascope data sheet for details.





Focal Length: 10.5mm lens
Aperture: f/2.8
Image Circle: 28mm
Length: 3.60" or 92.0mm
Diameter: 2.65" or 67.00mm (maximum)
Weight: 1.20 pounds or .55kg
Shock: Designed for 100g's at 5ms, all axes
Aperture and Focus Lock: Separate 360 clamp rings



Fits DRS LTTC Camera

Fits Phantom v5.1, v7.1, v9.1 and v10
Shown on a QD-100 mount


Fits Redlake HG-TH Camera
shown with Hi-g mount


Fits Redlake HG-100K/XR Camera

Fits SpeedCam g2 
with UQ Heavy Duty F-Mount

UQ Heavy Duty Nikon F-Mount


Manufactured by: UNIQOPTICS of Simi Valley,
California, USA  A division of Pre-con Products                                           Exclusive worldwide distributor: Visual Instrumentation Corporation


Avatar Lens PDF

Lenses for Hi-G Applications PDF


14.0mm Hi-G Lens 

for Redlake HG-100 Family of High-Speed Cameras

 This lens is designed to cover large mega-pixel CMOS image sensors & is large supplied with large flange mount described in the specifications.   The pictured 10.5mm and 14mm lenses are the first of vive lenses, each having a large flange mount as described in the specifications.  This wide-angle lens is rectilinear and corrected for distortion.

For example, when used with a 24mm square image sensor, edge distortion is less than 2% and much less with smaller sensors.  In addition, all optics feature high efficiency multi-lays coating with very high-resolution.  Its  ruggedized for use on automotive test sleds, full scale crash vehicles and other Hi-g application.

14.0mm Lens


Aperture: f/2.8
Image Circle: 28mm
Back Focus: 0.560" (14.0mm) Lens Mounting Flange to image-plane
*Focusing Mount Yes, with extended back focus range
Length: 4.50" or 114.3mm
Diameter: 3.58" maximum or 90.95mm
Weight: 2.47 pounds or 1.125kg
Filter Size: 82mm
Camera Mount: Flange type, with square hole pattern 2.5" center-to-center or 63.5mm
Mounting Screws: Four, 1/4-20, 1/4-28 or metric screws

Aperture and focus locks are built  into both lenses.        

* Focus calibrations are not provided.  This accommodates new generation CMOS cameras that have no defined dimension between the lens flange and the sensor's image plane.
Manufactured by: Schneider Optics, Century Division of Van Nuys, California, USA. 
Exclusive worldwide distributor: Visual Instrumentation Corporation

VIC also offers a limited selection of wide-angle, normal and telephoto lenses designed for high-shock and vibration environments. 

A few high quality fixed focal length "C" mount lenses are still available, these include: Schneider and Super Cinetar ll.  Optional caged supports and ruggedizing make these lenses suitable for automotive, airborne and other  shock & vibration environments.  A broad ranged of zoom and fixed focal length lenses are available for 1/3" to 2/3" video formats.

Super-Cinetar II "C" Mount Wide Angle 10mm Lens
This Super Cinetar lens features rugged construction with all internal screws, keepers etc. 
Sealed with Loctite for high shock and vibration environments.

Catalog No.


  10.mm f/1.8, fixed focus

Ruggedized 10mm Super Cinetar II lens

Image Format: Covers up to 1.0" video
Dimension: 1.73" (43.95mm) Dia.  2.37" (60.0mm) Long.
Weight: 6 ounces(171 grams)
Filter Size: 41.5mm

Schneider "C" mount Lens
Catalog No.


 25.0mm Xenon, f/0.95 focusing mount, 
This lens covers an image diameter of 15.8mm, for all video formats up to 1" and 16mm film.  They require ruggedizing and caged supports for Hi-g use.


NEW Schneider Hi-g Compact Lenses for 2/3" and Large Image Sensor Cameras

These new C-Mount Compact lenses feature; 1) excellent optical quality 2) corrected for the spectral range of 400 to 1000nm, without noticeable focus change over the entire range 3) Iris and focus locking mechanism 4) ruggedized construction & small size.

The mechanical design of Schneider Compact lenses assures stable performance in high vibration environments.  The traditional helical focusing mount is replaced by an extended C-Mount thread and a positive stainless steel clamp ring with Allen head locking screw.  

This method is also ideal for focusing cameras that do not have a defined dimension between the lens mounting flange and the image sensor.  All Compact lenses have the same 31.5mm outer diameter with overall lengths between 33.5 and 45.25mm.  Optical performance data available on request.

 8.0mm f/1.4 Schneider Compact Lens in C-Mount

     Catalog No.      Description    Format    Image Circle    Filter Thread
S00822 4.8mm   f/1.8 Cinegon, 2/3" 2/3" 13mm 62.0mm
S00823 8.0mm   f/1.4 Cinegon, 2/3" 2/3 " 11mm 30.5mm
S00824 12.0mm f/1.4 Cinegon, 2/3" 2/3" 11mm 30.5mm
S00825 17.0mm f/1.4 Xenoplan, 2/3" 2/3" 11mm 30.5mm
S00826 23.0mm f/1.4 Xenoplan, 2/3" 2/3" 11mm 30.5mm
S00827 35.0mm f/1.9 Xenoplan, 2/3" 2/3" 11mm 30.5mm
S00841 10.0mm f/1.8 Cinegon, * 1" 16mm 30.5mm
S00842 16.0mm f/1.9 Cinegon, * 1" 16mm 30.5mm
S00843 28.0mm f/2.0 Xenoplan, * * 22mm 30.5mm
S00834 50.0mm f/2.8 Xenoplan, * * 22mm 30.5mm

* Actual format depends on the camera's sensor size.


NEW 90 1:1 relay lens, "C"  to "C" mount.
VIC is also pleased to introduce a new ruggedized right-angle "C' mount Hi-g relay lens.  
Its optical efficiency is f/2.0 and most video lenses are accepted up to 2/3" video.

Catalog No. 


Optical transmission is f/1.8 and it accepts 2/3"C" mount video and 16mm film cameras lenses.  
The relay is rotatable over 360 degrees, with a positive lock at any position.  It's also ruggedized for Hi-g shock and vibration environments.  
Clearance is provided to accept some wide angle video lenses with optics that extend beyond the "C" mount threads in the relay.
Dimensions: 1.70" (43.2mm)  x 3.95 (100.3mm).
Weight: 12 ounces (340 grams).


Telephoto Lenses

Cinetel III  1000mm f/5.6 Telephoto Lens 
illustrated on a 
high-speed video camera.


Cinetel II  1000mm f/5.6 
Telephoto Lens illustrated on a Locam II 
high-speed camera.


High magnification telephoto lenses require positive support at the cameras interface.  V.I.C. offers a series of support brackets specifically designed for Cinetel II telephoto lenses and can be custom fit to most cameras.

With C-Mount and Phortron Digital Camera with LB-15 Support Bracket

Optical performance of the new TF-20 lens is similar to the previous model however; it utilizes new generation prime optics with a modest increase in resolution and contrast.

Overall length is 4.0" shorter with an increase in maximum diameter of 0.5". See the line drawing for detailed dimensions.

The image circle produced by the TF-20 lens is a nominal 40mm and is ideal for use with high-resolution digital cameras that use large CMOS image sensors and 35mm film cameras.  The existing family of LAP camera adapters remains the same for all


Cinetel II lenses: C-mount, Nikon F mount. Canon Bayonet mount and many others,

A precision 2x tele-extender is still available and fits between the lens and the camera adapter and doubles the focal length to 1,000mm at a nominal f/8.0

 selection of heavy duty lens supports is illustrated with several digital and film cameras on the regular Cinetel II Telephoto Lens data sheet.  This data sheet also describes numerous features and benefits of the entire Cinetel II family of telephoto lenses. 


 TF-20-500mm Lens  

Cinetel II  225mm f/2.8 Telephoto Lens

All Lenses provide:

  • Very high  optical performance.

  • Ruggedized for field applications.

  • Click-Stop & sunshade/filter adapters.

  • Lenses from 225mm to 600mm incorporate non-rotating focusing mounts.  Lenses from 800mm to 1200mm use internal focusing mounts.

  • Cinetel II telephoto lenses cover all video and film formats up to 35mm motion picture.

  • Cinetel III telephoto lenses cover all formats up to 2 1/4" x 2 1/4" 70mm film.

Accessory items include:

1. Cameras adapter: "C" mount, 3-chip video and for all high-speed film 16mm & 35mm cameras.
2. Precision tele-extenders, 2.0X and 1.4X.
3. Lens supports for multiple camera configurations.
4. Heavy-duty transit cases with fitted foam inserts.



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March 2009